Tuesday, 24 May 2011

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  • SchneiderMan
    Sep 15, 08:40 PM

    I wouldn't buy Hitatchi, buy hey, it's as you wish...

    No HDD brand is fail proof.

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  • tranceme
    Nov 10, 10:44 PM
    The reviews have been bad. My buddies at work can't get most sites to work. So, does this mean refunds? Or have people been getting this to work? Just curious.

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  • Narrie
    Apr 14, 06:30 AM
    Yeah, everybody has one!

    Sent from my ix.Mac.MarketingName

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  • mrkramer
    Apr 24, 11:01 AM
    It says it used different frequencies... but then how can people jailbreak/unlock their iPhones and use it on T-mobile?

    It's EDGE only, 3G is what uses different frequencies.


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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 16, 10:59 AM
    Where did I claim any of those things ? :confused:

    *sigh*, at this point, I'll just ignore your comments, do the same for mine.

    Then what were you trying to prove?

    All the browsers do it. ChromeOS is just a browser for a normal consumer.

    What were you actually trying to prove? What was your point? Sure you can ignore my comments if you dont have an answer. Fair enough.

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  • mrkramer
    Apr 22, 09:30 AM
    Not sure I understand, I've had 4G on my Evo for over a year now...


    That is on sprint so it's WiMax, not LTE.


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  • oldwatery
    Mar 31, 12:14 PM
    UGLY :(
    Why have the 2 systems got to be integrated.
    So now my pro desktop experience is being influenced by a 9 inch toy.
    Will Lion be the last roar for Apple's real computer OS?

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  • AcesHigh87
    Apr 27, 11:38 AM
    I don't feel like reading through 6 pages of comments but, I can attest that most retail stores will tell you to call the cops but not get involved. I've never worked fast food but have been told that from working in a drug store for several years.

    At the same time, however, some common sense is needed. I'm pretty sure if I was in this situation, policy or not, I'd be stopping them. This isn't like one little slap and some yelling, this is a brutal assault. For that matter, I get the feeling that the person taking the video isn't an employee, just a hunch. If so, why the hell didn't they think to do anything but pull out their damn cell phone and video tape it? For that matter, they were laughing at one point which is just downright heartless.


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  • fawlty
    Mar 31, 04:41 PM
    Why is the selected button ("Day") up, and all the others are down? Bizarre.

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  • Chundles
    Oct 24, 08:38 AM
    What about MACBOOKS?!

    Hmmm.... let's see. Release two products and get ~1 week worth of press OR release 1 product followed 1 week later by another product and get 2 weeks of press.

    And don't be that annoying "Make everything huge" guy.


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  • Defender2010
    Apr 14, 08:37 AM
    I cannot believe people are still stupid enough to believe that they will come out with a white iPhone 4 (My personal two cents). It makes absolutely no sense for them unless they really did plan to postpone the release of the next generation iPhone.

    Just look at the mediatrends especially how much of the media was hyped on here with bestbuy stocking them up and all other major retailers all of a sudden having the white SKUs in their systems.

    Get real guys, if you want a white iphone from Apple. Mostlikely you will never get one hence why i gave up and bought a conversion lol

    What makes you think you can call people stupid??? You'll eat your words when it shows up later this month....STUPID!!

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 12, 06:57 AM
    TB was envisioned by Apple and then handed off to Intel for development and implementation.

    Citation needed.


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  • tigertazz
    Apr 22, 04:29 PM
    Just a thought

    But apple have hired the carbon fibre specialist? Why not make it lighter and thinner by using him to work his magic over the iPhone form factor. I'd go for a CF iPhone to be sure. :cool:

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  • DCJ001
    Apr 22, 06:42 PM
    I really don't see them adding the dual core chip to the iPhone or the iPod Touch, maybe an increase in processor speed but I think the more powerful processor is going to be reserved for the iPad now.

    I'm sure that you are wrong.


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  • Vegasman
    Apr 26, 01:00 PM
    so instead you're going to store them all on multiple machines? what do you think the cloud is for? lol

    Uh no...

    You need to follow the thread. The poster was using his 2 TB drive as his cloud using a 5$ software.

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  • rdowns
    Mar 1, 11:21 AM
    All you need to do is look at him to know that it's not a show. He definitely wants publicity, but I don;t think it's going to get him the results he wants. Most people I know are horrified and of the opinion that he just ruined his career. I have to agree.

    This is Hollywood we're talking about here. Sheen is hardly through. Look at Robert Downey Jr and Lindsay Lohan. They don't operate in the real world out there.


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  • ThemacNub
    Dec 5, 05:17 AM
    I think if there were no guns besides the law enforcements then America would be a much safer place.

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  • blackstarliner
    Oct 24, 08:21 AM
    Interesting quote from the UK store MBP Buy now :

    "Intel Core 2 Duo processor
    Powered by two processor cores on a single chip, MacBook performs up to five times faster than the previous generation iBook."

    Looks like the copywriters thought they'd be upgraded too... :eek:

    They've upgraded the store pages for all the products, not just the MBP...

    Good call, other stores are not showing this 'error'.

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  • 28monkeys
    Mar 31, 10:33 AM
    interface looks complete, let's just hope that skin can be changed.

    Apr 15, 02:14 PM
    Where is 10.6.8

    Apr 22, 04:41 PM
    Super sexy design.

    Apr 26, 04:12 PM
    THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE ABOUT STREAMING. It is going to be about smart syncing media across Macs & iOS devices. You wont delete all your music on your phone or Mac BUT you wont have to have all of it stored locally to have access to all of it. This is going to be how Apple transitions Macs to Flash storage but still allows one to have gigantic iTunes and iPhoto and iMovie libraries. Same with phones and iPads.

    This isn't about streaming? So, if I'm driving down I-95 with no music stored locally on my iPhone, how do you expect my iPhone to play my music? Magic, like what the iPad runs on?

    Apr 12, 11:48 AM
    Oh yeah, it's all about the software cuz the hardware has reached it's peak :rolleyes:

    Hardware wish list
    "4" inch Super AMOLED 960x640 screen with full RGB subpixels

    4G/LTE Antenna

    Proximity Sensor and Antenna Fix

    Anti-Glare Matte Gorilla Glass (This is why... http://www.engadget.com/2010/05/29/d...for-your-amus/)

    Xenon flash to improve low light performance of the camera

    Liquidmetal (New tech purchased by Apple that would allow for lighter, thinner, stronger, cheaper material),

    HD/FM Radio Tuner/Receiver and Transmitter -

    Bigger Camera Lens and possibly a CCD sensor to allow better low light performance,

    Even Better Cameras (8MP, 1080P Video etc) featuring options such as ISO and night vision mode.

    Bigger Battery

    IR remote functionality to integrate it with other devices, such as Apple TV and Google TV, use it as a universal remote controller, play games on your TV and use you iPod/iPhone as a controller, as a trackpad mouse or a 10/Gui Keyboard and such

    Dual speakers with the ability to emulate 3D surround sound as well as a higher volume and vibrate (the current max volume and max vibrate are way too low)

    Dedicated Camera Button - This will let users take photos quickly, and would also allow them to take self portraits with far more ease. It currently takes way too long to snap a quick picture.

    More efficient Bluetooth 4.0 with file sharing and either Lightpeak or USB 3.0 for faster syncing/charging,

    Either remove the home button entirely and switch to a three/four finger pinch in gesture to exit apps or add a LED Notification Light under the home button (preferably multicolored),

    Inductive Charging like Palm Pre and if viable touch sensitive back for gestures and gaming functions, a Solar panel to extend battery life, or even a 3D Screen akin to the Nintendo 3DS.

    RFID aka. Near Field Communication to let us use it as a credit card, pay toll machines, to let employers use it as an id badge etc. RFID is a really cool tech. I'm sure app developers, given the api, could think of much cooler ways to use it as well."

    Apr 14, 04:49 AM
    Fry has serious adulation for Apple products. No surprise he did the black to white conversion with the phone.

    Wow, really? So he's got a White iPhone 4? Did you see it?

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